DMRC: A Social Institution

May 1, 2018

 I see the crowd always rushing in some direction here. The crowd which is continuously asking questions and answers and somehow finding an ignorant path or something to chill and ignore the entire game of their identity. It's a race and you must survive. 



As the definition of Social Institute says "Social institutions are a system of behavioral and relationship patterns that are densely interwoven and enduring, and function across an entire society. They order and structure the behavior of individuals by means of their normative character."


I certainly have felt the order in chaos in Delhi Metros. Not only it has made life easier but exceptionally entertaining in terms of observing the world of psychology. Certain stations don't even need your permission, as the crowd will certainly drag you in it's own flow. Whether they are entering or exiting. The only line you silently whisper to yourself is: May the force be with you!


I love traveling via metro but obviously on the days i am not bashed with the crowd. :)


Let me take you in metro with my photo story. 


 Traveling in women coach is itself is fun. From the young girls who are loud and dancing to the older ones who are bitching and cribbing. The ones who are about to meet their boyfriends to the ones who are newly married. There's so much you can observe as the entire coach is given to these super expressive being. 


And, when you are talking about the women compartment, how can you forget the kids. In this Women Coach, the kids are jumping, dancing, crying, sleeping and playing around their mothers. The responsibility of kids are obviously on these lost ones who are busy figuring why do they even have them. No offense but 90% of the time i see them with such faces. :P



That's all for DMRC!  







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