Caged Dreamers: Kids on roads

May 1, 2018

The worst thing which so common that it no more hurts our heart is, the children on the road. These little ones do smile when you click but the stories running in the background are dark enough to make you go numb as crazy.


From the Article which I recently came across by Save the Children:


According to a conservative estimate, 3 lakh children across India are forced to beg, using everything from addiction to drugs, to threats of violence and actual beatings. They form the foot soldiers of what is a now a multi-million rupee industry led by human trafficking cartels. The Indian National Human Rights Commission reports that 40,000 children are abducted in India every year, over 25% of whom remain untraced. Yet, child begging is not addressed by the authorities the way it should be. It is often assumed that these children belong to families who push them into begging.

Being regularly inflicted with wounds, even maimed so that they became more pitiable, and therefore draw more alms from a sympathetic passerby on the streets. These kind-hearted men and women often don't know that the money they give isn't used to buy food, medicine, or access to education, but alcohol and drugs, and also given to their traffickers.


Talking and documenting a lot of stories has certainly made me strong to smile with them. Let me share some of the moments with this little dreamers who are caged. 



Now that you know about the nature of organized begging, you may want to think twice about giving directly to India's underprivileged child beggars. Your small 10 rupee note given to them isn't kindness, but encouragement for their daily begging. Instead, donate to charity organisations like Save the Children, which use every rupee you donate to fight hunger, poverty, illiteracy and child exploitation. You will also get a small donation tax rebate, which is great return on social investment. Instead of just giving them temporary comfort, you are supporting a long-term blueprint to bring children out of these horrific conditions.


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